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    Yohann is a young artist who touches everything ocille between projects and   
    musical genres.

    Everything begins for him in 1997, when he entered the conservatory of Belfort
    beginning music theory.
    He then learns the saxophone next year but will stop his education in  2004 and leave to live in the south of France.

    In 2005, he bought an electric guitar on which he made his first compositions. He
    starts bass in 2006.
    This is to force back the pieces he made his debut and get some experience on both instruments.

    bio2Everything changed in 2011, when he bought his first synthesizer. It was a revelation,

    because a few onths after its acquisition, he composed his famous Rise of the three suns, which will start her career as an electronic musician and keyboardist.

    Having always been fascinated by space followed by the novels and science fiction films, he decided to make a full project which he gave completely, the primary purpose of stimulating the imaginati
    on of the listener.

    It's an ode to science fiction and hyper industrialized worlds, where technologies have reached their climax.
    Thus was born A Journey Through Time And Space.

    In summer 2012, Yohann discovers virtual synths and softwares and possibilities they offer in the studio. 

    He then invested in a new project that is more orchestral and industrial and "electro". This is the end of 2015 that Take No lees comes to an end. Darker, in this album he cleverly mixing electronic music, electric and organic for an original result.

    Early May 2016, he's guided by razer "dance" or mainstream radio music with a hint of trance music without denying his musical personality. So he composed a hybrid album from typical 8 bit sounds to much more modern sounds that can ignite the dancefloor. It is therefore of Synthtopia, a tribute to the different genres of electronic music.

    He is constantly creating and already preparing many pieces for his future projects.